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The Defense Mobility Enterprise

The Defense Mobility Enterprise (DME) is a partnership between Government and Industry/Academia. The single point of contact for the Government side of the DME is the Ground Vehicle Systems Center Acquisition Management Office Other Transaction Group (GVSC AMO OT Group) located at the Detroit Arsenal, MI. The single point of contact for Industry is the National Advanced Mobility Consortium (NAMC). The DME operates under an Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) in accordance with provisions of 10 USC 4022, which provides the Department of Defense (DoD) authority to enter into transactions other than contracts, grants, or cooperative agreements. Under this authority, the DoD has the authority to make awards for prototype projects that are directly relevant to enhancing the mission effectiveness of military personnel and the supporting platforms, systems, components, or materials proposed to be acquired or developed by the DoD, or the improvement of platforms, systems, components, or materials in use by the armed forces. It is the flexibility inherent in the 10 USC 4022 authority that enables the Government, Industry, and Academia partnership to quickly and effectively provide innovative ground vehicle systems (manned and unmanned) technology solutions to the warfighter.

In accordance with the provisions of 10 USC 4022(f), the Government may award a follow-on production contract or transaction to the participants in a transaction without the use of competitive procedures, so long as the participants in this transaction successfully complete the prototype project. The Agreements Officer, in coordination with the program office, will be responsible for documenting whether or not a prototype project was successfully completed. Follow-on production efforts will be limited to the scope of the successfully completed prototype project.

NAMC Membership (i.e., Industry or Academia)

Note: In order to respond to any projects either via Whitepaper or Proposal, you must be a member of the National Advanced Mobility Consortium. For more information on becoming a member, please visit:

Only NAMC members in good standing can respond to Whitepaper or Proposal solicitation requests. To verify your status, please contact

Government Membership (i.e., Government Employees or Direct Government Contractors)

Additional information is available at: or contact the AMO OTA Group:

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